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Quirk Studio is an avant-garde Interior Design firm based in Mumbai. Founded in 2013 by Interior Designer-Duo Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, the design consortium finds its roots in the confluence of the ideologies of the Principal Designers. The binding thread that unites the practice is the shared penchant for design and how spaces influence one’s quality of life. 

Stimulated by the poetics of space, Disha and Shivani bring together an experience of over twelve years of industrial experience. Having worked with some of India's most prominent and acclaimed design practices, they imbue their contemporary yet ingenious vision with honed expertise to deliver premium design solutions in residential and commercial sectors alike. The impetus behind their design process is to amalgamate pragmatic function and neoteric sensibilities in every space that they engage with. 

Innovative and experimental, the firm’s portfolio is a curation of projects that best exemplify the notion of bespoke concepts – each unique in their expression, yet uniformly vibrant and flamboyant. With a focus on the tactility of materials and subtle shifts of mood through strategic décor planning, Quirk Studio has successfully weaved sets of distinct bijou yet minimalist styles, establishing a process meshed in with ubiquitous forms of inspiration that are primarily derived from the context. 

Disha and Shivani’s journey has been replete with securing honourable awards, features in leading publications and recognition across national and international design forums. 

Both Disha and Shivani have found legendary encodium for their brand Quirk Studio. This can be attributed to the dedicated sense of teamwork and thorough female-led entrepreneurship the founders have conjured into existence, making them dynamic leaders in the design industry and celebrated influencers in the digital design space.