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Shivani Ajmera and Disha Bhavsar.jpeg

Quirk Studio is a boutique Interior Design firm based out of Mumbai. Founded in 2013 by Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, the studio finds its roots in the confluence of the design ideologies of the duo. Striving towards an ethos that shapes people-centric spaces and environments, Quirk Studio offers exclusive spatial and interior design solutions in the residential, commercial, hospitality and retail sectors.  

With over fifteen years of experience in the design industry, Disha and Shivani have always vouched for a design aesthetic that sustains functionality while being classic in its appearance. Every project observes a distinct process of brainstorming that drives the design ideation, which is different for each project they undertake. Hence, while Quirk Studio’s approach is client-centric, its process drives them to learn and unlearn with every commission, resulting in an ever-growing and evolving practice. What, however, remains unchanged is its determination to prioritise quality over quantity. The studio’s contemporary vision imbibes an innovative and experimental quality to the spaces, which embody a unique experience, yet is vibrant and flamboyant. 

Quirk Studio’s journey has been replete with recognition through honourable awards and features in leading publications across national and international design forums. It has been felicitated by the I-Gen 2020 Awards (ITP Group) in the residential category; won Platinum under the Commercial Category, Interior Design and also won a Platinum for their project under the Residential Apartment Small Category, Interior Design both at the FOAID Award. The duo has been shortlisted in WADE Asia 2019 for their noteworthy work, in various categories (Emerging Interior Designer, Young Wade India Emerging Award, and Excellence-Residential Interior, Excellence-Commercial Interior) and more. Recently, the principals were recognised by Forbes India in their Top 30 under 45 Architects and Designers list. They have also been appointed to the distinguished judging panel of the esteemed Dezeen Awards 2023.

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