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Warm, cozy, modern and chic- and truly representative of its owner, this 1400 sq ft residence is situated in Mumbai. Designed for Rohan Joshi, an extremely popular, 37 year old comedian and writer, the residence features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, den, powder room and a kitchen. The house is designed keeping in mind the succinct brief provided by the client: A space that is contemporary, open, inviting and crucially- a space that resonated with his personality. 

Keeping in mind the design brief as well as the personality of the client, it was decided to keep the shell of the home neutral and monochromatic, with punches of colour emanating through fun patterned tiles, art, accessories and rugs. The house is designed to optimize the influx of natural light, while also creating highlights through the lighting fixtures throughout the space. The entire space is designed with a crisp contemporary meets industrial theme, whilst also incorporating elements that resonate the most with Rohan, at a personal level.

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